Complicated Love </3

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Why is love so complicated? Why can’t you just be happy and enjoy your life with someone you love? Why can’t the both of you be contented? I don’t understand why some people need to hurt someone just for her/his own sake. Why people do things they do without thinking the consequences of their actions. Why people choose to do the same things over and over again. Why do some girls choose to go back to guys who cheated on them only to have him do it again? Why?

I have a lot of why’s in my mind. Asking myself why people choose to get hurt and then cry in the end. Love is so complicated. It makes people crazy over something they don’t really understand. They might not understand what love is. Because if you really love that person why do you need to hurt her/his feeling instead of making them happy. Love is very hard to find these days. It’s like finding your forever that don’t exist.

Many couples who have a happy relationships in the beginning of their commitment ended breaking up, why? Because one of them cheated or maybe gets tired of understanding things and the only solution they are thinking is giving up. Then what! What happened to their promises?  Different promises that fooled them and make them cry hard in the end. It’s like killing you inside.

They say that once a cheater always a cheater. And I must say that it’s true. I’m not judging those kind of persons because there’s always a second chance. Hoping that maybe they will change and never do the same mistake again, but did they deserve that chance if they already waste the chances you give and then repeat it over and over again. There taking the chances thinking that you will love them no matter what. They are taken you for granted not realizing that they are losing a diamond while counting the stars. Make sense! They just realized someone’s worth only when there already gone. Even it takes you a lot of time before you realized how stupid you are when it comes to love it’s worth it because finally you’ve wake up for fooling yourself that he/she will change. That experience of yours give a great impact in your life and make you stronger than before.

Love is complicated, they say that if you really love that person learn to wait. But would you still wait if that someone is already loving someone else? Would you still love that person or you’ll choose to sacrifice your love and support her/his happiness. Would you understand how thing gone wrong? Would you still choose to fall in love even if it hurts? Even if they say that when you fall in love you should ready you’re self to be hurt. That’s how complicated love is. Filipinos are a hardheaded one because they keep on trying to find true love even if they’ll get hurt thousands time. Maybe there motto is try and try until you succeed and I’m looking forward to see everyone be happy with their own love life soon.


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