What is Love <3

What is love? Is it sacrificing your own happiness for someone? Is it giving everything just to make him/her happy? Or is it hopping for the better result in your hardship for that person? Is love worth dying for?

Love is a feeling you can’t explain but can be express in different ways. Love is seeing your girl/boy happy. It is a feeling that only you can understand. Making him/her happy makes you happy too. He/she is your first priority. Love is like thinking how you will achieve your goals in life. You’re doing your best just to reach it and make it in your hand. Love is seeing that person perfectly despite of his/her imperfections. It is sensational and once in a lifetime feeling. It’s hard to believe that what causes you to feel this emotions is a simple word love.

They say that love is sweet and romantic. When you are in love to someone you seem to forget the whole world and that one person is worth keeping in your world. For some, it is a magical feeling one experiences when someone they adores to the point wherein they will say that they feel butterflies in there stomach. It is a wonderful feeling when you know that you are being loved with the one you love. Love is not a crime, you’re not making any mistakes when you fall in love but make sure to do the right thing and know your limits. Don’t try to hold back your feeling for someone you love. Be strong enough to fight and try to confess to her/him. Just be yourself and enjoy the company you have to that person because life is short and if you don’t do what your heart says you’ll live a life with a bucket full of regrets. Don’t wait until you only realized that you love that person when his/she’s already gone. It will definitely add to you “what ifs” in life. Not everything have a second chance so don’t miss the chances. Live your life to the fullest.

Never be scared to fall in love because it’s a once in a lifetime feeling. Don’t lose many opportunities of enjoyment.  Fall in love nothings gonna stop you. Loving someone is like having a person in your life who’s always there beside you when you need someone to talk to. Someone who will ask you if you already eat. Someone who nag you if you comes home late. Someone who always concern about you. Someone that never gets tired to understand your craziness and mood swings. Someone who’s being your boyfriend/girlfriend and bestfriend at the same time. Someone who accept who and what you are, everything about you especially your imperfections. That someone who never leaves you and makes youo feel especial every now and then. It’s a very wonderful feeling that you will never resist. Falling in love to someone is like giving a color into your colorless world. That gives so much happiness and inspire you in many different ways.


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