A Loved Untold

Sometimes thing are complicated. Is it a mistake for falling to the wrong one?  For falling in love with the most unexpected person. Would you call it a destiny? Or that destiny is playing you. Would you dare to accept that game, the game called love. What will you do if that’s the case, would you keep on loving him/her secretly or stop hoping because you know that there’s no chance for the both of you. Would you Fight for your feelings or keep it for life for the sake of your friendship. How will you survive this and how will you protect your heart from pain?

There are a kind of love that is hard to express especially when you are scared not to be love back. You are full of “what if’s” in your mind like what if it will not work? What if she/he don’t like nor love me? What if the friendship we build for a long time will be ruined? What if she distance himself/herself after I confess my feelings? What if, what if! Sometimes it’s not the love you are scared of but the feeling of being rejected. You’re not ready for the possible outcome and not strong enough to fight for the love you have.

How long will it take before you decide to express your feelings to your love ones, when it’s already late or when someone already replace your supposedly place? There are some instances that you’re scared because you’re valuing the friendship you had with that person. It’s not like you don’t want to fight but you’re just protecting the relationship you build where it can last forever than ruining it and end up nothing. You’re being a coward? Maybe yes, but at least you’ve save your friendship for the wrong possibilities. If you will be given a chance to choose between love and friendship make sure to choose the right one. Choose what will be the best for the both of you because there’s no turning back. Yes there’s always a second chance but not everybody deserve it. And even you have that chance you do you think things will still be the same. I guess no,because love is like a glass once it gets broken it’s hard to fixed again.

Keeping your feelings to your self is better than letting it go and not be appreciated. Sometimes you’re already contented seeing him/her happy, its makes you happy too. The important thing is your loving that person without expecting anything in return. It’s hard to love someone secretly but you don’t have any other choice but to do so. Because first and for most you choice to love that way. The worst part is, until when? A piece of advice don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done. It’s a sign of proving that you’re brave enough to fight and accept realities. The best day of your life will be the one on which you decide to love without fear. Life is too short to waste never stop doing your best!


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