How Painful Love Is </3

download (2)They say love is painful, it’s like holding a bunch of thorns in your hands. It makes people cry over something and of course over love. Is there something that can measure how painful love is? I guess none. No one can ever measure it. How could you say love is magical when everything has changed! How can you still be happy when there’s no other choice but to give up? To give up everything you have with that person because there’s nothing left to the love you’ve shared together. And your only option is to let go and move on.

Why does feelings gone that easy. Why can’t love remain till the end? Why? I keep asking myself why. Why do you need to promise when you can’t keep it? Is it to prove that promises are made to be broken? Then you did a great job! You’re very good at lying and pretending to be a good man/woman when the truth is you’re not! You’re nothing but a jerk. Is it your way of proving you’re a real man/woman? You’re not! You’re just making things complicated.

Some people are taken you for granted. You only exist in there world when they’re bored and if they need something. Truth hurts right? But it’s happen in the real life. The worst part is you can’t do anything about it. You’re making him/her as your priority but he/she don’t even care at all. That how painful love is. Funny how you still manage to love even if it hurts so bad. Maybe because your already immune of being hurt? You’re hoping that maybe he/she would change?

There are some people who left without saying goodbye. They left you hanging, and the only thing you could do is to think over things that left untold. What happen, what did I do? Am I not enough? They made you think that your special to them but they left you alone when they find another. Why don’t they consider your feeling? Not because they see you okay every time it doesn’t mean that you’re really okay. You’re not a robot you can also feel pain. Why can’t they see that? Those questions that keep on repeating in your mind and you don’t have any single idea why do they need to do that when you already did your best. It’s like your best is not enough. It takes time to recover your heart from pain. Those memories you’ve shared together that still hunting you time by time. You used to be happy. You used to do things together? What now? What happen to the “you and me” thing you build together? Maybe they come in to your life to teach you. They’ve become your best teacher to make a good choice next time. They are your lesson learn in life. They teach you how to be strong and how to handle things in your own. Or maybe the reason why you are hurting is because you expect too much. Expectations that lead you to your own heartache. Sometimes all you need is a break from daily life and scape from reality where there’s nothing to worry about. It can be a new story so make a choice!


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