Kinds of love <3

There are different kinds of love in this world. A kind of love that is hard to understand. A love that gives so much to remember to those who already fall in love. Those memories you shared with your love ones. An unconditional love that you felt whenever you’re with someone especial to you. Almost everyone experienced how to love, not only to the one who’s especial to you but also for your families and friends. There are kind of love that is selfish, very complicated, hopeless and unconditional. You’ll never understand it unless you will experience what I am saying.

Loving is one thing we all want to felt and experience. But the question is, how to love and how are you going to love? How to love someone who already loving someone else. Are you going to fight for it? Sometimes loving someone is like loving a cactus, you need to suffer and feel the pain even if it hurts. Seeing him/her with another man/woman is like punishing yourself, yes you’re okay outside but deep inside your dying. There are also instances that you already know that she/he has someone but you still want to love that person to the point that you still agreed to be the second option. Why? Why are those person are killing there self softly, why do they need to be martyr over love? Why can’t they accept the fact they can’t be the only girl/boy of that person. Why don’t they wait until the right person comes and love them unconditionally? Why do they need to fool there self and why can’t they see their own worth? Are those person is not worth loving for? Or it is the person they love who is blind and can’t see there worth?

Another is a selfish love, a kind of love that is hard to resist. Loving someone and wanting him/her to be yours only yours. You think that you own him/her not knowing that you don’t own him/her. Nobody owns someone because they have their own life with or without you. In love, you should know your limits, learn to understand thing and know that you can’t have everything you want. Don’t be selfish because it’s not love it’s like owning that person without a concent.

And of course an unconditional love. Love that has no limitations and conditions. This is love for yourself and everyone around you. A kind of love that is matured and ready for all the circumstances that will comes into the relationships. All the hardships, challenges and trials will easy to overcome because there love is dominant.


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